Digital disruption and advertising

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Digital disruption and advertising

15 Jul 2019 to 19 Jul 2019
Bengaluru & New Delhi

Exclusive for advertising and business development managers

With the emergence of digital technology, the nature of competition has fundamentally changed — not only to the media but also their advertising clients. Using innovative new business models, startups are acquiring customers by breaking the links in how consumers discover, buy and use products and services. By decoupling the customer value chain, these startups, instead of taking on the Unilever's and Nikes, BMW’s and Sephoras of the world head-on, peel away a piece of the consumer purchasing process. The media know it well, having been disrupted by Google, Facebook, and others.

In order to stay relevant in this fast-changing marketplace, the media publishers need to understand how consumers have changed the ways they purchased products and services, and how this affected the ways in which marketers worked and planned their advertising spend.

This workshop will help to develop a strategy of responding to digital disruption and generating revenue.

Digital disruption and advertising