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Digital Media Africa 2018

Programme | Digital Media Africa 2018


Digital Media Africa 2018 will feature the best lineup of international speakers from any publishing event on the continent. However this list is still under development, so keep an eye out as we add more big names to this year's programme. 


November 23

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    The Golden Rules to start (and succeed) a paid content journey

    There has been a lot of focus - and endless debates - on economic models (metered, freemium etc) when starting digital paid content strategies. News media, which have started paid content some ten years ago, have realized that important factors have been neglected, such as the importance of moving from unknown to known users and how key it is to drive engagement with those users as the more they will consume news and services from a newspaper, the more likely they are to pay for it over time.  


  • 10:15

    From newsstands king to digital subs master: key learnings from Aftonbladet

    The cultural leap when you move from a long tradition of newstands sales to digital subscription is huge. It’s impossible to manage this transition without the active support of the newsroom. In many ways, the leading newspaper in Scandinavia, Aftonbladet, has managed to turn each of their journalists into sales agents. Some 15 years after it started promoting digital subscriptions, Aftonbladet has now entered another dimension in which the newsroom produces ambitious editorial projects based on the knowledge that some of these content will convert readers to subscribe and some of them will convince them to stay loyal to the news brand.


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    Reader revenue versus Advertising revenue: a balancing act


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    Understanding Reader Revenue



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    Mobile-first news video with Reuters

    Rapid population growth, high levels of mobile penetration and falling data rates are driving an explosion in Africa’s digital and telco industries. This development has altered the habits of today’s consumer and what emerges is a fresh opportunity for media companies to reach new and growing audiences on mobile. In this session, get a snapshot of how Reuters has strengthened its video service to meet the demands of a mobile-first audience and how it brings the best of Africa to African audiences, as well as putting the continent ‘centre stage’ globally.


  • 14:30

    Fireside chat: User experience & paid content model from an entertainment platform POV

    Part 1: Carl Jordan in Conversation with Cherilyn Ireton


    • Carl Jordan Digital Media Africa Kwese
      Head of Media - Digital, Sub-Saharan Africa, Kwesé, South Africa
    • Executive Director World Editors Forum, WAN-IFRA, UK

    Part 2: Alex Okosi in Conversation with Gary Alfonso


    • Executive Vice President & Managing Director, Viacom International Media Networks Africa, BET International
    • Consultant – media development, training, operations, marketing & sales, digital newsrooms
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  • 15:45

    New Media Entrepreneurship


    • Founder & CEO, frayintermedia, South Africa


    • Africa Director of the Media Development Investment Fund
  • 16:30

    Closing Statements


    • Publishing Consultant FT Strategies, WAN-IFRA Supervisory Board Member London, UK
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    Networking Drinks

  • 18:00

    African Digital Media Awards

    The African Digital Media Awards honour the continent's best digital teams for developing innovative responses to the digital media landscape. Read more about the awards here.

Digital Media Africa 2018