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Digital Media Africa 2021

Programme | Digital Media Africa 2021


Please revisit our programme page between now and the conference, as we are regularly adding relevant case studies and best practices on publishers (in Africa and beyond) right up until the start of the event.

In addition to providing you with world-class presentations on managing the after-effects of the global pandemic, we also aim to inspire you in new ways to future-proof your business!


July 06

  • 10:00

    Day 1: Digital Media Africa Conference Kick-off

    Welcome to the 5th edition of Digital Media Africa! WAN-IFRA's Cherilyn Ireton will address the audience and go over the itinerary for Day 1.


  • 10:15

    Session 1: Trust in News Media, Trust in journalism: How is the situation after one year with the pandemic?

    With misinformation and disinformation running rampant online, and this has been particularly dramatic this year around the world, we felt necessary to highlight different approaches and initiatives on how to create and secure a trusted relationship with readers.


    • Director of the Journalist Fellowship Programme, Reuters Institute, United Kingdom
    • Editor, The Conversation, South Africa
    • Deputy CEO at Code For Africa, South Africa
  • 11:00

    Moderator-led Breakout Session on Trust

  • 11:45

    Session 2: Alternative Revenue Streams

    This session is dedicated to exploring how to implement new strategies and identify growth opportunities to diversify your revenue. We feature real cases from African publishers - and also internationally - to present a scope of what's working in other markets. Sometimes it is impossible to ask your readers to pay for a digital subscription, and even when it works - what if you are at the very start of your reader revenue journey. The traditional advertising market has broken down in most countries and Covid-19 has caused, in some cases, irreparable damage to the production and distribution of printed newspapers.

    Making micropayments a revenue stream


    Building long-term advertising partnerships


  • 13:00

    Conference Break

  • 15:00

    Session 3: Empowering Future Media Leaders

    Short video on young women's passion in the professions and expectations to be shown during session. Idealism and passion about journalism are in abundance but is our industry as welcoming as it should be with young women in the workforce? Recent leadership mapping from WIN shows the difficulty to retain women in leadership positions. Another key question: how can you cultivate the interest of a young female audience if you can’t keep female employees on staff? This session explores the expectations and how a mindset change may be needed to equip today’s young journalists with the right skills and then unlock their way to a seat at the top table.



  • 15:45

    Session 4: Eliminating Sexual Harassment in the Media Industry: First Hand Lessons Learnt

    New research from Women in News highlights the extent of the scourge in African newsrooms. What are news leaders doing to call out harassment and end the power play that wrecks so many women’s careers and confidence.

    Part 1: The grim research findings


    • Director for Africa, Women in News, Kenya

    Part 2: Panel discussion


  • 16:15

    Moderator-led Breakout Session on Empowering Future Media Leaders

  • 17:00

    Social Hour: Amazing Race Africa

    Break out into teams and compete to win the prestigious honor as Victors of the Amazing Race Africa challenge!

July 07

  • 10:00

    Day 2: Welcome back to your Digital Media Africa Conference!

    Selected Digital Media Africa 2021 Award Winners will showcase their successful projects!
  • 10:30

    Session 5: Google News Initiative's Innovation Challenge in Africa

    As the second edition of the GNI Innovation Challenges for the Middle East, Turkey and Africa comes to a close, this session highlights two projects that were part of the first innovation competition. Sarah Hartley, recipients and applicants manager, GNI Innovation Challenges, will introduce the session with a presentation on how to make the innovation process work in news organisations.


    • Program Manager, Google News Intitiative, United Kingdom
  • 11:30

    Session 6: News from the Digital Paid Content Frontline

    Part 1 of Session 6: We’re looking back at lessons learned as we feature publishers who have recently launched paywalls in the past year. Part 2 of Session 6: As the role of product manager establishes itself as indispensable in media companies, how do we best organise them as the nucleus of the newsroom working collaboratively and unifying tech and editorial teams?


  • 12:30

    Moderator-led Breakout Session on Digital Paid Content

  • 13:00

    Conference Break - Day 2

  • 14:00

    Session 7: Generation Z: How to reach the 10-25 year old Audience?

    This is a resounding question heard the world over. How do we get the youth to tune into mainstream media and how do you build loyalty with your brand? We will look at some examples of publishers looking to start early by investing in media literacy and fostering those long-lasting relationships between reader and publisher.
  • 15:00

    Moderator-led Breakout Session on Gen Z

  • 15:30

    Conference Wrap-up and Takeaways

Digital Media Africa 2021