Masterclasses | Digital Media Asia 2018

Digital Media Asia 2018

07 Nov 2018 to 09 Nov 2018
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong

Masterclasses | Digital Media Asia 2018



  • Product Development in the Newsroom

    The heart of any good media business will always be quality journalism. However, the digital products and services we wrap around the news help shape the habits of our digital audience, the nature of its relationship our news brands and whether/how much they will pay for them.

    That’s where good Product teams come in. Sitting at intersection of traditional media functions such as editorial, advertising sales, subscriptions, technology and operations, Product plays an integral role in arbitrating those different demands and the continuous delivery of product improvement.

    A hybrid approach to product development that blends newsroom storytelling with commercial strategy, user experience design, engineering smarts and others is critical to the future of media and can lead to rewarding new career paths for journalists. This masterclass will focus on how to manage digital products in news organisations and create a culture of innovation in the newsroom.

    Course Outline:
    • The role of Product and key principles for successful product development
    • How to bring product development into the newsroom 
    • Using audience insights to build new products that people love 
    • Practical ways to tackle product strategy alongside continuous agile delivery 
    • Helping the newsroom understand and feed into product backlogs and longer term roadmaps


    Jess Ross

      Chief Product Officer, Fairfax Media, Australia
  • Immediate Strategies to Improve Traffic and Revenue

    With declining print advertising and competition from digital platforms, media companies need aggressive and effective strategies for recapturing revenue. This masterclass workshop will examine proven strategies that enable media houses to create more revenue while minimising cost.

    Participants will learn quick and efficient implementation tactics within the context of their own organisations’ websites. One of the main principles powering these new strategies is a synergetic alignment of editorial and commercial needs, while preserving the journalistic integrity of editorial products. Among the strategies to be discussed:      

    Course Outline:
    ● Infinite product: increasing content creation and organic social marketing by creating alliances with users and organisations
    ● Infinite scroll: increasing pageviews and revenues by utilizing effective infinite scroll strategies, including on the homepage
    ● Aggregation: competitors’ content can be your differentiator as a curator
    ● Case study review of successful websites developed across the globe
    ● And more!

    Learning Outcomes:
    ● Define and articulate successful strategies for increasing revenue and reducing costs
    ● Plan implementation of these strategies within the context of participants' product and market
    ● Define universal digital principles that can produce new strategies
    ● Draw inspiration from success stories of leading media websites

    Target Audiences:
    ● Publishers
    ● Senior editors
    ● Commercial executives
    ● Journalistic web designers



    Grig Davidovitz

      CEO, RGB Media

Digital Media Asia 2018