Editorial Leaders, Module 4 - Long Form Writing

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Editorial Leaders, Module 4 - Long Form Writing

The new ‘Editorial Leaders’ initiative from the World Editors Forum and WAN-IFRA, is a module based training programme aimed at improving the knowledge of mid career journalists. It is designed to help them gain professional expertise to better engage with the communities around them.

The fourth of the six module is 'Long form writing'.

For newspapers, one of our great strengths remain longer-form, narrative journalism, since it differentiates us from the shallowness of many of our digital competitors. Successful publishers are capitalising on the interest in narative journalism and long form coverage of news and articles. This module will focus on the techniques and skills of long form writing as well as how it best can be adapted for both print and digital. 

Participants will learn how to produce long form stories including the use of narrative voice, story structure and style.They also will understand how these techniques can be used in covering major stories and events.


Editorial Leaders, Module 4 - Long Form Writing