Programme | Journalism for non-journalists

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Journalism for non-journalists

Programme | Journalism for non-journalists


Editorial association of non-journalists in media organisations

Collaborate or confront?

  • Understanding roles and correcting perceptions.
  • Explaining the areas of conflict and how to avoid
  • Q & A 

The business of editorial-management synergy

  • Identifying areas of collaboration
  • Can it work? How do we?
  • Q & A

Journalistic principles in writing/scripting/broadcasting

  • Press freedoms/press laws/ethics
  • Spotting stories and ideating. How to pitch stories
  • Q & A


  • Exercises according to areas of interest of participants (one hour to write/script and one hour for corrections, clarifications etc)
  • Feedback session over tea to collate the doables

Note: This programme can also be offered as in-house workshop.

Journalism for non-journalists