Program | LATAM Cultural Change Ignition Program 2020

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LATAM Cultural Change Ignition Program 2020

Program | LATAM Cultural Change Ignition Program 2020


Session 1: Introductory session

Week of October 5th: First session 

Speaker: Diego Carvajal



Session 2: Organizational change

Week October 19th: Second session



Session 3: Talents and roles

Week of November 2nd: Third session


This session will aim at providing participants with talent acquisition and retention tactics. Through examples from within and outside the media industry, the session will provide guidance into how you can make your media company an attractive purpose-driven professional opportunity for present and future young talent. It will also focus on the new roles, skills and resources needed by media companies and how to find them in the work market.



Session 4: Putting data at the core 

Week of 30th November: Fourth session

This session will take a deep-dive into the value of data for media companies today and provide practical tips into how to put it at the core of the company. Data allows for a sharper understanding of their audience enabling far more informed editorial and business decisions. This session will explore how its vital importance can be embraced by the whole company, how to effectively share data within the organization and how to build a data team according to your company’s resources.



Session 5: Transforming the relationship with your audience

Week of 7th December: Fifth session



Session 6: Transformational Management 

Week of 14th December: Sixth 

Transformational leadership is far from being the norm in media companies’ management culture. This status quo often blocks creativity and innovation, vital ingredients for companies to make the much needed transition to the digital era. This session will focus on how a transformational leadership culture can trigger change by effectively empowering, inspiring and motivating your teams, through a strong sense of ownership, autonomy and corporate culture.



Session 7: Transformational Management

Date TBC

LATAM Cultural Change Ignition Program 2020