Mod - 1, Digital Journalism and Social Media Applications

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Mod - 1, Digital Journalism and Social Media Applications

Social media is a powerful tool for driving web traffic and connecting with your audiences.

This advanced 2-day workshop will teach you the latest strategies for getting the best from these platforms. It will also show you how to optimise your outlet’s journalism for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, in order to build robust, engaging relationships with existing and potential audiences.

What will you learn?

You will learn how to produce social-first journalism for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. This will include guidance on the forms and styles of native written and multimedia content that work best on each of these platforms. The workshop will also focus on how to involve readers in the process of creating journalism and focus on integrating social media tools into journalists’ daily work. On the second day of training you will learn how to optimise your posts for social media algorithms, to give your journalism the best chance of being seen by your current and target audiences. You will also be shown current and emerging social metrics tools, and guided on how to choose the tools to best support your outlet’s social media strategy.

The course will be packed with practical exercises and examples of national and international best practice. 

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Mod - 1, Digital Journalism and Social Media Applications