Programme | Newsprint handling and waste control

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Newsprint handling and waste control

05 Mar 2020 to 06 Mar 2020

Programme | Newsprint handling and waste control


Day 1, Session: Newsprint handling

Global trends in newsprint

Current scenario, challenges, importance of newsprint handling and waste control.

Transportation of newsprint – Road, Rail and Marine 

UPM - Supplier

Things to be taken care of during the different transportation. Learn more about road transportation and intra-company logistics. 

Warehouse design and newsprint handling equipment 

K Krishnan, Former VP The Hindu, India

Importance of designing the warehouse for better movement, conditioning of the storage area, facilities for unloading and loading of newsprint, stacking methods. Forklift requirements, handling and safe operation.

Roll handling techniques 

Prakash P P, Manorama

Loading fundamentals, loading and unloading from container, trucks. Space utilisation efficiency. Check points and troubleshooting, Safety.

Paper onto press

Supply of roll for production, handling and movement of rolls in press hall, conditioning of rolls before printing, Remaining roll handling. AGV system, and its efficiency.


Day 2, Session: Implementing waste control mechanism 

Definition of waste and accounting 

Giridhar Rao, DGM, The Hindu

Definition of flat waste, white waste, core and core tare, wrapper and things need to be taken care of.

Production waste control 

Speaker from DB Corp

Start-up waste, running waste, ensuring quality throughout the production, tension control, web break reduction.

Simple Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques

Anup Pal Bennett, Coleman & Co Ltd

Overproduction and mailroom waste

Source of overproduction and analysis. Eliminating the root causes. Measures to control mailroom waste. Strapping and bundling waste.  

Speaker invited

Round table discussion: Future of newspaper printing – Exchange of ideas, challenges for the betterment.

Chair: Snehasis Roy, Director – Technical, BCCL

Directors, Department Heads, VP of Production from leading media companies will join the discussion.


Target audience:

Production & Technical Directors, Vice-president of Production, Head of Production, Materials

Manager, Press Manager



Newsprint handling and waste control