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Newsroom Leaders - Audience Development

Programme | Newsroom Leaders - Audience Development


  • How conversion funnels are being used at the most advanced publishers in the world including the FT, The New York Times, Schibsted in Scandinavia and Indian publishers. (case studies)

  • The latest in digital media audience trends in India so that Indian publishers and editors can leverage audience behaviour to grow audiences and move audiences from casual users to potential loyalists and eventually frequent visitors (and paying customers for any paid content products you might have). 

  • How to use digital analytics to make better editorial and marketing decisions in real time.  - Chartbeat and Google Analytics review

  • Dayparting - analysing audience behaviour to connect with your audiences throughout their days

  • In a sea of data, what are the important numbers to monitor for websites, for newsletters, for social media audiences, etc. 

  • SEO tactics that help increase content discovery

  • How to use A/B testing to improve content performance.

  • Audience segmentation - understanding the interests and behaviour of casual and potentially loyal users as well and brand loyalists 

  • Conversion strategies to build loyalty amongst different audience segments

  • Products that help build digital habits - newsletters, push notifications, podcasts, regular digital features and events 

  • Mapping content to your conversion funnel based on your audience

  • Bringing together your audience development plan to build loyalty and convert audiences to subscribers or other e-commerce customers. 

  • How to organise audience development teams.

Newsroom Leaders - Audience Development