Programme | Print Ad Sales in the digital age

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Print Ad Sales in the digital age

Programme | Print Ad Sales in the digital age


An interactive, case study based workshop to arm your sales team with a fresh proactive mindset and succeed in these disruptive times.

- by India’s renowned mentor Shripad Kulkarni.

A day in the new age Planners/Buyers life

  • Understanding and mirroring the Planners/Buyers mindset

Todays Planners and Buyers are super busy digital natives  and they work in a challenging environment.This will be a deep dive into their day to day life to understand them and an attempt to mirror them with the help of a reference guide.

Master Strategy – Preparation framework

  • Decoding decision Matrix, Market Intelligence, Brand/Personality Type

The media mix decision making for each agency and client is atypical and involves many players. Today enough Intelligence is available on the net. And each brand and the people handling have a definitive view about Print in general and your publication. All this needs studying prior to the meeting systematically with a clear framework.

Master Strategy - Construct

  • Strategy laydown, 360 Storytelling beyond f2f

How you handle different brands and people must be clearly spelt out. A laydown of the SOP is necessary with a feedback system. You must have a story of your publication. And the story had better be 3600 and not restricted to f2f interactions which will be far and few.

Brand Immersion

  • Understanding the Brand and the Creative to build ideas

Ideas sell. But they have to be rooted in the Brand and its Communication strategy. The existing creatives give a very clear and sharp idea of the brand challenge and the marcom solution. Asking yourself the right questions leads to the solutions.

Fast forward into the Sales meeting

  • Visualise the meeting and Plan backwards

How you visualise the meeting proceeds is a critical determinant of the meeting outcome. What are the outcomes you want? What are the possible outcomes? How do you try and improve the chances of your desired outcome ? So, what all do you need to be ready with?


  • Quick review of major meetings

All in the meeting need to do a quick review under the Seniormost person’s leadership to understand more about hits and misses and incorporate in the way of working of the entire team.

Sum up

  • Putting everything together as a way of working

Feedback on the day. Discussion on how the learnings to be a way of working.


Download workshop brochure.

Note: This workshop can also be organised as in-house programme.

Print Ad Sales in the digital age