Categories and Descriptions | Print Innovation Awards

Print Innovation Awards

14 May 2018 to 31 Aug 2018
Frankfurt am Main

Categories and Descriptions | Print Innovation Awards

Categories and Descriptions


  • Print advertising innovation

    Innovative advertisings or advertising campaigns in print or in combination of print and digital.

    This includes technical innovations, innovations in the use and combination of materials, and innovative advertising formats.

    Innovative advertising typically addresses multiple senses, stimulates response and interaction, and creates surprise effects.

  • Print product innovation

    Print product innovation includes the the development of new products nd the re-design of existing products.

    Innovative new products can be based on innovative formats, innovative technology, an innovative use or combination of materials, and the inclusion of new materials into the print product.

    Innovative products typically address new audiences, extend the brand, attract new advertisers, or enable new business models. A new product can also be an extension or supplement to an existing product.

Print Innovation Awards