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Print World 2016

10 Oct 2016 to 12 Oct 2016
Reed Messe Wien, Vienna

accompanying the World Publishing Expo 2016

Topics | Print World 2016


For WPE16, we will bring our conferences to the hall floor in a new format that will allow time for visitors to attend sessions of their preference as well as to visit the Expo stands. We will also be linking Guided Tours to the conference programme, reinforcing the message that what is new and topical in our industry can be heard about at the conference as well as seen on the stands.


  • The Power of Print

    The role of print in news publishing today and tomorrow.

    “We are seduced by digital media and it’s not necessarily because it’s more effective. I feel it’s because it’s new. (…) Print is still powerful”, said Pablo Del Campo, Creative Director Saatchi & Saatchi. What is the role of print in news publishing today and tomorrow? The views of publishers, newspapers and customers.

  • Digital Printing

    Digital printing can contribute to the development of the newspaper product.

    How can digital printing technologies contribute to the development of the newspaper product and the newspaper printing business? Different users are looking for different benefits from digital inkjet printing in the areas of customisation, short-run printing and hyper-local editions.

  • Print Business Innovation

    Innovations in print create business innovations.

    Print addresses all human senses like no other medium. It also links seamlessly to mobile digital platforms and integrates the best of both worlds. How can you create new business with innovations in print?

  • New Products from the Mailroom

    The mailroom can produce new products that extend the business.

    The mailroom is converting into a post-print production centre. With the help of collating, inserting, stitching, trimming and sorting you can create products that could not been produced in coldset before. It this an area newspaper printers will explore to extend their business beyond newspaper printing?

  • Print Quality Sells

    Consitently high print quality is the basis for success in newspaper printing.

    Printing a consistently high color quality is one of the basic keys of success in newspaper production. Successful members of the International Newspaper Color Quality Club competition 2016–2018 will present, how they met the requirements of international print quality standards.

  • Future of News Media

    How are forward looking publishers planning their news media strategies?

    Print is part of the future of news media. How are forward looking publishers planning their news media strategies? How are they managing the digital and print publishing channels? What can we learn from new concepts?

  • Newsprint Trends

    Different paper grades can be used to achieve different business targets.

    Printing on low-grammage paper can reduce production cost considerably. Most Danish newspapers switched to 40 gsm newsprint. What can we learn from their experience? Improved newsprint can be used to extend the print business and to create high-quality products. A new guide on “Optimised Paper Handling & Logistics” will be launched that assists all practitioners in the paper value chain.

Print World 2016