Masterclasses | Publish Asia 2019

Publish Asia 2019

07 May 2019 to 09 May 2019
Novotel Singapore On Stevens

Masterclasses | Publish Asia 2019


All masterclasses take place on Tuesday 7 May 2019 at Novotel on Stevens Singapore unless otherwise stated. Click the masterclass titles for details.

1. Eleven New Business Models for Sustainable Revenues 

2. Safety in Hostile Environments: Reporting in Conflict Zones 

3. Science in the News: Keeping the Facts Straight 


  • Turning Adversity into Opportunity: 11 News Business Models for Sustainable Revenues

    After more than two decades floundering their way through the digital age, publishers are starting to see the emergence of several clear and decisive digital business models to replace their old industrial model.

    Key to finding a sustainable business model in the digital age is innovation in business models. 

    During this masterclass, London-based media innovator and consultant, Juan Senor, will explore 11 specific business models for publishers to embrace for a diversified stream of revenues: some are tried and tested, while others require innovative thinking and editorial leadership. All point to a new way for news media to pay its bills in the digital age.  

    By the end of this masterclass, participants will be able to:

    • Enumerate the 11 business models and their characteristics
    • Identify the structural, manpower and resourcing issues within their own organisations which need to be addressed to implement some of these models
    • Develop a list of proposals and practical next-steps for internal stakeholders which can be brought back to their organisations.

    Participants will also receive a free copy of WAN-IFRA's and Innovation International Media Consulting Group's annual "Innovation in News Media World Report 2018" worth 150 euros.


    Juan Señor
    President, Innovation Media Consulting Group


    After lunch, participants will visit two locally-based newsrooms, including national broadcaster, Mediacorp. 

    Mediacorp Experience Tour

    Take a look at one of the largest newsrooms in Singapore, comprising TV, digital and radio news teams in four languages working alongside each other on a single floor. Be immersed in a 45-min interactive journey through MediaCorp's world of media and broadcasting where one can take the TV news anchor's chair, play radio presenter, and much more.

    Tour Highlights

    • Be a TV news anchor in a specially-simulated news studio.

    • Try your hand at being the latest star radio presenter and co-host with MediaCorp's virtual radio personality.

    • Step into the world of virtual reality and interact in a whole new way at the Toggle VR 360 Experience.

    • Tea and informal Q&A with Jaime Ho, Chief Editor, Channel NewsAsia Digital. 

    Jaime Ho
    Chief Editor, Channel NewsAsia Digital
  • Safety in Hostile Environments: Reporting in Conflict Zones
    - by International Committee of the Red Cross

    Training partner: 

    Journalists deployed on dangerous assignments may find themselves working amid violence or the aftermath of disaster. They see destruction, despair and trauma. People are weary, desperate, sometimes hostile. Even the surrounding environment around poses risks and challenges. Yet they must deliver – get the story done, to show the world what is really happening.

    How can journalists stay safe while being professional and respectful to those around? How does one build relationships with communities? What ethical obligations should one keep in mind?

    This masterclass offers the rare opportunity to learn from the world’s most recognised humanitarian organisation working to help millions of people affected by conflict and violence. The team from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) will work with participants to bridge the challenges between reporting from hostile environments, personal safety and preserving the dignity of the victims.

    Using scenarios from the field of forensic identification as well as virtual reality-based conflict-zone simulations, participants will discuss how to ethically report on conflict while staying safe. A session on dealing with post-event trauma will also be run by the Singapore Red Cross Academy.

    Learning outcomes:

    -        Understand the safety considerations of working in volatile environments.

    -        Bridge the challenges between reporting under pressure, while exercising empathy and being mindful of ethical considerations.

    -        Be familiar with the basics of first aid and post-event trauma.

    This masterclass is recommended for journalists reporting in volatile contexts and hazardous situations and newsroom editors who oversee the work of field correspondents and stringers. 


    Pawel Krzysiek
    Communications Strategist for Asia-Pacific, International Committee of the Red Cross

    Jacqueline Rodríguez González
    Forensics Advisor (Asia-Pacific), International Committee of the Red Cross

  • Science in the news: keeping the facts straight

    A complimentary masterclass for journalists covering science, health and consumer affairs*

    Covering specialised subjects in a general newsroom is a challenge in a world awash with misinformation.  The problem is particularly acute around highly-shareable digital information around science, health and consumer affairs. A shockingly large proportion of health and science news shared online is false, according to a recent study. A recent Poynter Institute article describes the global extent of this problem.

    For 2019, the World Editors Forum, within WAN-IFRA, is focusing on improving the quality of science and health journalism. It is offering a masterclass to help identify the specific challenges around science and health journalism and develop workflows for fast, accurate and engaging reporting.

    Programme outline:

    • Identifying challenges faced by journalists and newsrooms in reporting on science and consumer affairs
    • Examining editorial and structural sources and identifying bias
    • Identifying trustworthy sources and identifying bias
    • Producing heavily-researched stories in a time of fast-paced, competitive news
    • Identifying independent expertise
    • Accessing research which will aid reporting
    • Monitoring for original stories and breaking science/consumer affairs news
    • Frictionless workflows for fast, accurate and engaging reporting
    • Useful tools, technologies and training.

    Masterclass Criteria:

    • Science, health or consumer affairs journalists of at least 3 years’ experience. Please submit samples of 2 recent articles you have written/produced in the past 12 months when you apply.
    • Eligible attendees will also receive complimentary admission to the Publish Asia/Newsroom Summit Asia conference on 8-9 May. Attendees must attend this full-day masterclass on 7 May in order to receive conference admission.

    Apply HERE by 1 April 2019, 12 noon (Singapore time). As places are extremely limited, you are advised to apply early. Successful applicants will be notified via email by 8 April 2019.

    *Eligibility criteria apply.


    Fergus Bell
    Founder, Dig Deeper Media

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