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Science in the Newsroom Global Summit 2020

23 Nov 2020 to 24 Nov 2020

Timing: 07:00 & 12:00 GMT | 08:00 & 13:00 CET | 15:00 & 20:00 Singapore/Hong Kong Time

Downloads | Science in the Newsroom Global Summit 2020


Session 1: Into the Future: Getting science right for future health crises

Scientists predict future pandemics and public health emergencies as the climate warms and diseases spread more frequently from animal to human. Media, as an important player in any response, needs to prepare now to avoid worse crises. Top scientists will share how they are using the lessons from SARS and 2020 to prepare. This session, which will frame the Science in the Newsroom Global eSummit will be led by Straits Times Senior Health Correspondent Salma Khalik.

Session 2: Innovative Storytelling: Data, tools and techniques for impactful, memorable journalism

This year has changed journalism. For many months all newsrooms were focused on a single issue - demanding fresh ways of telling the story.

Session 3: Countering Misinformation: how you can make a difference

The promise of a vaccine for COVID-19 has provided a much-needed dose of optimism, but it also brings a new and urgent dimension to fight against misinformation which goes way beyond anything the media can tackle alone. Global agencies have joined forces to try to counter the infodemic and journalists have an important role to play in filtering junk from evidence-based information on treatments and possible cures.

Session 4: Specialist Skills: how to boost newsroom expertise whatever your budget

For years newsrooms, driven by shrinking budgets, have been cutting back on specialist science and health reporters. Without those key skills, how can they bring the required expertise back into their reporting? Smart collaboration in 2020 has helped newspapers in Australia and Canada up the quality of their content. And the WSJ has had a big rethink of how it works with data, in preparation for future rolling, live stories.

Science in the Newsroom Global Summit 2020