Topics | The Newsroom Summit 2019

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The Newsroom Summit 2019

05 Nov 2019 to 06 Nov 2019

Topics | The Newsroom Summit 2019



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    New challenges for editors

    The role of the editor keeps expanding! Is it possible to combine analytics, financial and editorial knowledge while linking better with colleagues in marketing and sales?


  • 2

    Engagement, relevance & personalisation

    Last year in the group work we came up with an impressive list of engagement metrics. How can you define these and make the insights actionable?
  • 3

    Brand & Voice

    What's the link between the two? How much should the editor be involved in brand marketing campaigns? How to differentiate premium content from competitors.

  • 4

    Evolution of storytelling

    As news consumption habits change, what new formats, new tools, new platforms are publishers experimenting with?

The Newsroom Summit 2019