Exhibition | The Newsroom Summit 2021

The Newsroom Summit 2021

Exhibition | The Newsroom Summit 2021





Camila Samilian
Program Manager, News Partnerships Solutions

We regularly meet with publishers of all sizes to hear how we can help them develop their products, expand their business and improve their readers’ online experience. The GNI Digital Growth Program was created to provide news publishers with free training and resources to help them establish and grow their online business. 

With respect to specific tools and resources:
To understand their audience better, news publishers of all sizes can leverage Google tools such as News Consumer Insights, Google Analytics, and Google Survey

To optimize content, publishers can use resources from Google’s Newslab (an online and in person training for journalists). 

Publishers can leverage Google Ads to run marketing campaigns, and Google Ad Manager, to communicate subscription offers to potential customers.



Cecilia Campbell
Chief Marketing Officer

With robots working in the newsroom, you can provide readers with reporting where previously there was none. It takes robots as long to write 1 text as 100, so they can generate great volumes of stories quickly, based on local data on topics like sports or house sales. Which allows you to serve readers with new, extended coverage, including at hyperlocal level. Automatically, and with no impact to journalists’ time.
This is how three of United Robots’ publisher partners use automated reporting to expand their coverage, growing their reader revenue business:

Comprehensive coverage: NDC (regional publisher, the Netherlands). In the first Post-Covid season, NDC will cover all 60,000 local football matches by using robots to write the reports and a crowdsourcing platform to gather coaches’ comments and match photos.

Hyper relevance: Bergens Tidende (regional publisher, Norway): BT has set up a Home Sales vertical populated entirely by automatically generated content. The articles are segmented and distributed down on neighbourhood level. 5% of all article conversions at bt.no are now generated by the robot byline.

Filling in the reporting map: Gota Media (local media group, Sweden) publish automated articles about company registrations/bankruptcies, real estate sales, sports and traffic incidents. With limited newsroom resources, the automation strategy is to provide regular updates in all local communities.


Alberto Mari
Head of Business Development and Sustainability, EMEA

Engaging readers is the basis for a successful subscriptions-based strategy. Our editorial environment facilitates the creation of highly engaging content. Longform articles can be easily authored by everyone in the Newsroom and integrated text and SEO analysis tools continuously assess content being created and give suggestions on how to improve it. Video and audio contents are transparently integrated in the editorial workflow and are delivered by a high-speed AI powered infrastructure.

It is equally important to offer readers a natural and seamless onboarding experience that drives the transition from being a site visitor to a site subscriber. It has to be unobtrusive, support multiple entry points (web site, apps, readers) and offer a simple, secure payment experience that integrates with internationals and national payment suppliers.


Cirus Coliai
Head of International Sales

D-Share provides the next-generation technology that enables publishing businesses to facilitate their transformation. The pivot to blended business models, combining advertising and subscriptions, has created an urgent need for next-generation technology solutions and partners.

The end of cookies, and the shift toward first-party data, emphasizes the need for a solid digital publishing platform as the backbone of any publisher’s digital business. On their side, digital platforms are evolving beyond their traditional domains and becoming digital experience platforms.

The key to success in the new “subscription economy” is the capability to create quality, local and personalized content and distribute it across all channels while assuring a smooth user experience. Add to that the emergence of video as the dominant content medium on most digital and mobile platforms.

D-Share empowers publishers to provide their subscribers with fluid and memorable services by using an experience-oriented development approach and by emphasizing security and performance.

Our customers can create, distribute, and monetize their digital content thanks to our Digital Publishing Ecosystem, which integrates Kolumbus Digital CMS with state-of-the-art digital editions suite, paywall solutions and OTT platforms, all based on an optimized audience experience.

D-Share provides digital projects, industrial-strength software solutions and specialized services to news organizations, publishers, broadcasters and news agencies, with a deep specialization in media industry.


Zarko Panic
Chief Product Officer

Metadata-driven reader management
A fundamental element in the management of readers and subscriptions is the extensive metadata that allows fine tracking of the interactions between content and readers in Eidosmedia editorial operations.

Subscriber retention
Once this data is available, it may be used for example to minimize churn among subscribers. Automatic monitoring can create an alert when a reader’s interest seems to be waning, allowing customized newsletters and communications to be deployed to restore engagement. This is just one aspect of the automatic ‘lifetime management’ of subscribers made possible by detailed metadata.

Interfacing with specialist CRM tools
The richness of the metadata generated by Eidosmedia editorial operations also provides high-value input for the specialist CRM applications such as Celeraone and Piano used to accelerate the conversion of readers into subscribers.  Many Eidosmedia customers in Germany are using the easy interfacing with these tools to optimize their content and subscriber management.

The targeted newsletter 
One of the most effective tools in the conversion and retention process is the targeted newsletter. With a customized selection of news items tailored to the specific interests and location of the user, these newsletters may be automatically generated from the current news repository by Eidosmedia’s Cobalt digital delivery module.


Tommi Heikkonen

As publishers require to adapt to the shifting landscape from ad led monetisation to subscription revenue, Bold CMS makes it easy for publishers to implement paid content strategies by integrating our native monetisation platform — Accesstype.  

With the constant monetisation modifications in this industry, Accesstype easily lets publishers experiment with multiple subscription models to find the right balance. Publishers can generate digital revenue through well-organised subscription plans such as metered access, micro-payments, donation campaigns, corporate access, and more.

Payment Getaways play a critical role in subscriber acquisition. We made sure that readers can choose from preferred payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe and Razorpay. Enabling local payment getaways is also achievable through our flexible integrations.

And, of course, we understand publishers' importance to subscriber retention to gain a steady stream of revenue flowing in. Hence, we included a billing and invoicing system to efficiently share receipts and automate payment and confirmation messages to prioritise subscriptions revenues.


Chris Nguyen
EVP, Marketing

Newspaper publishers across the World trust Naviga as their print and digital publishing platform, and in the context of subscriptions – their transformation partner too. Through Naviga’s extensive range of solutions, deep media expertise, 600+ employees, and best-in-class technology, any organization can transform its publishing business into a subscriber-centric, cross-platform brand with one industry-leading partner.

Editorial can plan and create beautiful websites, Apps and print editions with our Scandinavian-engineered CMS. Through our innovative partnership with Sophi.io, publishers are automating the print manufacturing process by increasing volumes of pages and editions, driving huge production efficiencies.

Audience Development can have a single-customer-view across print and digital, analyse reader propensity to subscribe and adjust meters and paywalls, all in real-time.

Marketing teams create compelling offers and promotions, print and digital bundles, and drive subscriptions through reader engagement.

Naviga also has incredible newsletter, advertising CRM and Event solutions – enabling diverse subscriber strategies. Many publishers are offering Ad-free subscriptions, but still want a partner who can monetise open content. Others are moving into virtual and physical subscriber-only events to drive engagement.

Be part of the Naviga network and tap into shared, cross-industry insight with user conferences and consultative discussions with our teams – to bolster subscription acquisition and retention efforts, across every continent.


Matthias Fischer
Sales Director

The open system architecture enables a problem-free supply of today's relevant and also future publication channels. By integrating external services such as analytics data, SEO optimization or AI-based tools, our products develop into the central publishing and business platform in the publishing house. Information that is often available in different data silos is made available to the user in such a way that it offers direct added value and provides the best possible support for content creation.


Francisco Martins
Country Manager

We have been evolving with newspaper needs for more than 40 years, our commitment to the sector, and our team demonstrated ability to adapt and deliver makes us the preferred choice for publishers worldwide. Designed by and for journalists and technicians, Protecmedia DXP platform is totally audience centric so that newsrooms increase subscriptions and reduce churn easily. We have developed a solution that allows media to react to audience’s needs guided by a subscriptions conversion funnel that they can tailor to their needs.

“ITER CMS use of Artificial Intelligence empowers your newsroom to focus their efforts on doing the best journalism”. Many of the clients we count in our portfolio have remained with us for more than 20 years, the secret of this loyalty has always been and remains to our firm commitment to offer the best solutions for their needs.


Ioana Blaut
Director of Business Development and Sales

It is proven that the use of AI through automation and personalization, inevitably boosts the subscriber’s interest of desired content. Personalized content and tailored recommendations are no longer “nice-to-have,” but an absolute “must-have”.

With the Ring Publishing’s personalization and automation tools, we see an opportunity for AI to solve the challenges related to user engagement.

If you deliver to your users unique, high-quality and relevant content, you will manage to persuade them to stay longer and to come back more often. We are proud that our modular all-in-one digital publishing solution, Ring Publishing delivers the expected results for our customers. They can see how higher user engagement translates into increased time spent and added subscriptions.


Michael Taylor
Sales Director

To attract and retain subscribers, news publishers need to provide audiences with engaging, premium content in personalized formats on their preferred channels.  

CUE Publishing Platform is the CMS that provides the flexible content creation environment that empowers newsrooms to deliver rich and unique storytelling. With CUE’s granular content structure, journalists and editors can create stories in an easy, intuitive workflow and combine texts, videos, charts, and more in one story – as if they were playing with building bricks. CUE’s granular architecture also enables newsrooms to easily deliver bits of content in nuanced ways, which perfectly supports a freemium model. 

As a headless multichannel CMS, CUE unifies content management for websites, newsletters, apps, social media, and any other digital or print channel. Journalists and editors can create a story once and publish it to all channels from one platform. This enables media companies to strengthen their personalization offerings according to audiences’ format or channel preferences.

Finally, in combination with our CUE Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, CUE provides the perfect content hub for journalists to easily search, find and repurpose visuals, texts, and other digital assets to enrich their stories.


Nina Wieler
Head of Marketing

PEIQ assists over 600 newspapers in creating successful stories, in publishing and monetizing digital content and in creating the printed newspaper efficiently. Kress ranked PEIQ again among the top systems for digital and print. We offer our customers a carefree package with our cloud application, intelligent assistance functions and proven best practices. In 2021 alone three newspapers started using CREATE, our Digital-First-Editor for creating amazing stories. Our Online-CMS PORTAL has extensive features to convert visitors into subscribers of the digital offer, e.g. one of the most comprehensive ready to go integrations with Piano. We offer all interested visitors of Newsroom Summit a free Demo of our Systems and show them how our customers actually work.

Please contact us via mail contact@peiq or via telephone +49 821 / 907 844-16 and feel free to ask questions if you have any. 

The Newsroom Summit 2021