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Key industry leaders discuss the issues influencing the publishing world today

The WAN-IFRA Webinar Series partners with industry experts to bring you insights on creating growth opportunities and tackling current challenges. Engage with our panelists to ask the critical questions affecting your organisation.


September 6, 2017 at 9:00 CET

Join WAN-IFRA Global Advisory Consultant, Steffen Damborg, as he offers you best cases on using Big Data in your newsroom!

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In this webinar, Steffen will offer you an exclusive preview of his session at Digital Media Asia focusing on the use of Big Data in your newsroom. He will raise relevant cases on how Big Data is transforming the newsroom by not only making it more efficient, but also supporting publishers in building better products and services for their readers AND advertisers. You don't have to be a huge, global brand to benefit from meaningful data - publishers both national and regional possess valuable user data and now is the time to activate it!

In this webinar, we will examine together:
1)  How algorithms can reduce churn on paid subscriptions
2) Learnings from applying your data strategy into Content that Converts
3) How machine learning increases your traffic by targeting users with recommendations and related articles
4) and much more.

Join us on September 6, 2017 at 9:00 CET for our exclusive preview of Steffen Damborg's keynote at Digital Media Asia.

Don't forget to bring your questions for our Q&A session directly following the online presentation!


Previous Webinars


Publishers: How should you invest in and create a future-proof business environment?

WAN-IFRA Webinar
 Publishers: How should you invest in and create a future-proof business environment?

In this WAN-IFRA Webinar with Luc Rademakers, WAN-IFRA Global Advisory Consultant, he offers tips to publishers on ‘How to invest in and create a future-proof business environment’. 

The idea that media companies need to embrace several communication channels seems to be a no-brainer. It’s always an exciting challenge to instill in your company a culture that is self confident about the business opportunities in the future. How do you avoid having your strategic insights end up as stranded projects? 

This webinar discusses some crucial questions for publishers that are too often ignored: 
- What steps are most important in making a sustainable switch to a multi-channel media approach? 
- What pitfalls do you need to be aware of? 
- How do you create and foster innovative startup ideas across several divisions of the company? 
- Do the leadership skills of your management need to change if you are seeking more digital followers and engagement? 

The insights shared in this webinar will help you in implementing new business opportunities and adapt organisational structures. 

Luc Rademakers is a management consultant with broad experience leading media transformation in executive roles for print, television, radio and digital. We look forward to having you join in the discussion - don't forget to bring your questions for Luc during the Q&A session of the webinar.


Driving Value with your Data!


WAN-IFRA Webinar: Driving Value with your Data!

In this WAN-IFRA Webinar featuring Ben Shaw, Director of WAN-IFRA Global Advisory and Media Management Accelerator Trainer, Course 5: Digital Ads - Data and Analytics, he addresses how to add value with your data and where to start?

Knowing data and how to manage the data you already have, is becoming more and more crucial for publishers. When media companies use & apply their meaningful data, they are able to engage with their audience more deeply with more targeted news and advertising, and they have the ability to compete with other sophisticated online media companies that are frequently ahead of traditional media companies with advanced technology strategies.

Join us in the data conversation!

During the Webinar, we will also introduce WAN-IFRA's Media Management Accelerator programme, and showcase parts of the module focusing on Course 5, Digital Advertising: Data and Analytics. The Media Management Accelerator is the media industry's first online learning platform on digital revenue. Within our 6 course module, Course 5 focuses on data for publishers, guides you through understanding how to apply data to enhance your user’s experience on your site, which in turn satisfies your advertisers by offering targeted ads to defined audiences.


Publishers, meet the chatbots - A new type of conversation with your audience

Kevin Anderson
Thursday, March 30, 2017 at 15:00 CET 

In this WAN-IFRA Webinar featuring Kevin Anderson, author of the Reuters Institute Report "Beyond the Article", he will address the new, innovative ways of connecting with your audience. Chatbots? Conversational Apps? These are a few of the products that media companies have developed to engage with their audiences - creating a more personalised approach in communicating to users the latest news. 

During the Webinar, we will examine global case studies across 3 continents. From the Rappler in the Philippines with their Facebook chatbot, RapRapbot, to Finland where Nyt has migrated their audience from the closed chat app space to a popular in-house app, to then moving on to NYC where Quartz has created an interactive conversational app that is customised so personally that you can respond directly to the chatbot to read more or move onto the next headline. 

Kevin Anderson will share with our audience how changing audience behaviours - particularly a shift of preferred social networks - have led to this new kind of disruption in our industry. When words alone cannot tell a story, we are inviting you to get a glimpse into the future of chatbots and conversational interfaces for publishers.


What are Mario Garcia's 3 priorities for publishers in 2017?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 15:00 CET - Click Here to Register

Dr. Mario Garcia, renowned editorial designer and in-demand digital strategy expert, offers his 3 fundamental pillars for publishers in 2017. According to Dr. Garcia, the following objectives should be implemented into your editorial strategy this year: digital storytelling, email newsletters, and sponsored content. 

In this webinar, sponsored by CrowdyNews, we will address the following topics: 
1) Go where your users are: mobile! How do you create a more visually compelling and interactive experience for your mobile users while facing the challenge of a smaller display size? 
2) Be the source of their news - starting with their inbox every morning! How do you create a personalised, informative and indispensable newsletter for your audience? 
3) Serve your users with high quality, non-obstructive ads or face ad blockers! How do you organise your newsroom to offer sponsored content while not compromising your editorial integrity? 

Join us as Dr. Garcia covers these publishing trends that drive audience growth, foster loyalty from your users and create a better advertising experience for both your readers and advertisers in our WAN-IFRA Webinar. 

This webinar is powered by CrowdyNews.


That first million: new revenues for local publishers

Jeff Moriarty

October 4, 2016 at 15:00 CET

Jeff Moriarty, Chief Digital & Product Officer at Johnston Press, talks about how they have boosted revenue by offering local advertisers marketing services and solutions that go beyond display. Having joined Johnston from the Boston Globe back in 2014, Moriarty knows the challenges faced by regional publishers. It's no longer enough to focus on display or paid content, you need a balanced portfolio of digital products.

"In a local environment, where our research is showing that the ideal solution for SMEs is a 50/50 split of spend toward print and digital, to modulate between branding and highly targeted display, social, content marketing and search targeting -  we have a mature, optimised product set ready to meet that demand."

Join us and hear more about Johnston Press's Digital Kitbag (as featured in our Alternative Revenue Streams report) and their 1XL advertising alliance with other UK publishers.

Click Here for the Webinar Recording


Mobile Strategy and Ad Revenue

Peter lamb

September 13, 2016 at 15:00 CET

In this webinar, Peter Lamb will offer you an exclusive preview of his session at Digital Media Africa on Mobile Strategy and Ad Revenue by challenging you with the following questions: 1. How should mobile fit into your overall revenue strategy? 2. How much resource should I devote to mobile? 3. How much profit can I really make with mobile, and when will I realize my ROI? 4. What is the optimal sales force structure?  5. Can I afford to do nothing?

During the webinar there is the chance to submit you own questions on Mobile Ad Revenue to Peter Lamb.

Click Here for the Webinar Recording

Webinar Series