Sessions 3

Welcome cocktail

Fundación PROA, Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1929, La Boca, Caminito [C1169AAD] Buenos Aires, Argentina

An unforgettable evening organized by our local partners (ADEPA, La Nación, Clarín) in one of the most emblematic places of Buenos Aires.

The PROA foundation it's situated since its establishment in the La Boca neighborhood, specifically in the Caminito corner, a historic meeting point for different artistic expressions (performance, outdoor-theather, painting, murals, tango and dance) that has gained importance with time, becoming an essential artistic spotlight of Buenos Aires. 

La Boca neighborhood has an urban uniqueness thanks to the boldness of its proposals, and has evolved in a quarter that binds together every avant-garde ideal: muralism, artistic way of life, participative art...

Pick-up: Azcuénaga 2090 at 18:45

Dress code: Casual