Sessions 1

Digital strategies, storytelling and tools: seminars, workshops and conversations

Universidad Católica de Buenos Aires, Sala B del edificio Tomás Moro, Universidad Católica de Argentina, Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1400, subsuelo, Ciudad de Buenos Aires

WAN-IFRA and ADEPA offer participants a chance to start discussion the topics of the conference in practical and participative conversations, workshops and seminars. These activities will take place from 10:00 to 17:00 in the modern premises of the prestigious Catholic University of Argentina in Puerto Madero.

Pick-up: Azcuénaga 2090 at 9:15

No cost: includes transport, lunch and coffee breaks. 

Conversation: Digital strategy of two regional media houses


La Voz and La Gaceta are the regional media houses with the biggest circulation and audience in Argentina. La Voz has the biggest digital income in percentage of the country thanks to their great web content and their development of innovative advertising solutions.
La Gaceta created a native digital paper in the Salta province and is putting together a satellite digital business that relies on their readers and on their brand.


Success session: strategies to monetize tabloid journalism on the web



  • Editorial Content Manager, Grupo GRANASA, Ecuador

Case Study: Effective live audience engagement


Paul Rowland of Trinity Mirror, an advocate for the power of live storytelling, explains how his company gains audience and dwell times with live coverage. The quantity and range of stories they cover this way will surprise you!. Michael will show you how to truly engage your audience with a live blogging platform.




Workshop: VR techniques that every newsroom can implement


Emblematic Group is one of the world’s leading producers of immersive virtual reality content. Emblematic has collaborated with media partners including The New York Times, Google, the Associated Press, and Al Jazeera America. In 2016 the company was awarded a grant from the Knight Foundation to produce a series of VR documentaries in partnership with Frontline, and to collaborate on crafting and disseminating best practices for virtual reality journalism.

The workshop will start with 360 video and then dive more deeply into photogrammetry (image capture for 3D environment construction) and when to use each technique.    It would be helpful if attendees brought their own cameras to try some techniques themselves. Regular point and shoots should be good but DSLRs are preferred.


  • Lead on 360 video and live-action experiences at Emblematic Group

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of distributed content of media publishers.



Workshop: Rich Media for Premium Advertising


Leveraging the allure of interactivity to raise the value proposition of display advertising

In this workshop, we will be discussing the application of user experience design principles to produce display advertising that engages the audience and delivers concrete value to advertisers. The topics covered include:

  • Why rich media matters in online advertising
  • What’s needed to get started
  • When and where to include interactivity in display ads
  • The 3 second rule for engagement
  • Lead generation
  • Strategic price anchoring
  • Sales force training
  • Production pitfalls


  • Chief Digital Officer, UI/UX Designer, Head of Product Development, Jaime Câmara Group, Brazil