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Partnerships and our evolving relationship with readers

A workshop brought to you by the Guardian Publisher Network

We learned early on that it doesn't matter what distribution platform you use, what's most important is the quality of journalism people want to read and ensuring that it is available exactly when and how people want to consume it.

We understand and have responded to the key trends: Huge growth in mobile, increased complexity in platforms, importance of social and digital platforms gaining ever increasing market share. We can highlight to publishers and explain in their own language how to prioritise growth opportunities and respond to a new and global competitor set.

This workshop, hosted by WAN-IFRA's Digital Media Asia 2015, will offer unique insights on how the Guardian approaches partnerships with social and search platforms, digital pure-players and technology suppliers​. The workshop will also introduce the Guardian's new membership model​ and how this presents an opportunity to forge stronger relationships with readers​.

It will cover the following main topics:

  • Social and search platforms
  • Digital news and technology
  • Guardian Membership

The Publisher Network was launched to offer publishers the unique opportunity to share knowledge, stay up-to-date with vital industry developments and build an unparalleled network with peers, industry experts and Guardian staff.


  • Suzy Hay
    Global Director of Content Partnerships, Guardian News and Media, UK