Sessions 9

Session 2: Content Optimisation

What triggers customers to pay for digital content? Marketing digital content outside of the traditional media platforms and to new audiences is key to success in today´s media landscape

Content innovation: 360 video and animation

With the popularity of VR technology nowadays, we would like to to share our new initiatives applying 360-degree video & virtual reality animation in different types of news story.


  • Vincent Tsui
    CMO, Next Digital Limited - Next Mobile, Hong Kong

Charging for online content

What triggers customers to pay for digital content? How to start charging on a free online news market?


  • Pedro Monteiro
    Product Manager Digital Paid Content, Impresa, Portugal

Aggregation and content partnerships

News Republic won the Best Mobile Media App at the World Mobile Congress 2015. It publishes 50,000 articles daily from 1,500 licensed content partners and has signed deals with Samsung, Acer, HTC and Sony.


Smarter monetisation strategies for digital media companies

Revenue models to successfully navigate the digital media revenue maze


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