Sessions 32


Sala 612

14:00 hrs - Newsroom management: Big projects for small and midsized newsrooms

There has always existed a belief that a digital project will only be successful if it has a great amount of human and economic resources. However, various digital projects throughout the region can demonstrate that the cost / audience / relevance ratio evolves as we create content designed more demand than supply.


14:45 hrs - How to innovate and create impact in local media: the case of Correio*

Correio, the largest newspaper in North and Northesst regions of Brazil, has been a finalist in all three editions of Latam Digital Media Awards. Coordinator of all the three projects, the Innovation Editor, Juan Torres, will share the expriments that Correio has implemented and that are shaping Correio's new path. Warning: the presentation brings many more questions than answers.



15:30 hrs - Newsrooms in the new digital economy

When talking about newsrooms of the future we tend to think of a room full of technicians and systems in charge of writing, editing and reporting. What we propose is to think of a different approach: that of a digital newsroom, full of journalists, supported by technology and focused on a very specific focus: News & Audience First. This presentation will provide a thorough analysis of which are the pillars that support "the newsroom of the future" and how technology can strengthen the workflows it needs.