Sessions 23

Session 8: Media for Millennials

Attract and build a business around a younger demographic. Millennials, aged roughly between 15 and 32 years old, are always-on, digital natives and video consumers. How to answer their specific content consumption patterns? What lessons can we learn from Buzzfeed, Vox, Vice and other successful digital pure-players?

News for Millenials in Chinese & English

After a new round of funding and the launch of an English website, The New Lens explains their strategy for reaching millenials.


  • Joey Chung
    Co-Founder and CEO, The News Lens, Taiwan

The young news audience is there - we just need to serve them in the way they want

Henrik Eklund, CEO & Founder of Newstag will identify the consequences of a changing user behavior and explain how the innovative business model of Newstag offers its audience a new way of relating to news. Still only in beta version Newstag attracts million of millenial users in every country in the world.

Impresa Snapchat edition

New narratives and new platforms for reaching out to the Millenials generation: snapchat edition, iPad app and long form stories, etc


  • Pedro Monteiro
    Product Manager Digital Paid Content, Impresa, Portugal