Sessions 4

Online Video

Conference Stage in Hall C, Reed Messe Wien

The online video revolution is gathering momentum and is starting to disrupt the linear TV. However this presents a huge opportunity for news media publishers. Many newsrooms are putting video production into the heart of their newsroom operations. The session will present the case studies from pioneers who have successfully ventured into online video. What are the lessons learnt, what are the mistakes to avoid and what are the monetisation opportunities in online video will be discussed in this session.


Dealing with breaking news at Expressen TV

Bella Levy will present us how Sweden´s "Newspaper of the Year" of 2016 also was awarded "The Best Breaking News- broadcast".  She will also tell us the story about Expressen TV and how a 72 year old legacy tabloid is now an CNN affiliate.


Video & Publishing: Best practices from a Scandinavian perspective

How do you get the most out of video production when you are not a global news brand but operating in small and medium sized news brands? Steffen Damborg presents the latest trends within online video production, content types with the highest engagement, and the best online video practices from a Scandinavian perspective.


10 Things I learned about social video

Working in digital is about innovation and usually taking risks and coming up with a plan where no road map previously exists. This talk looks at some of the things Esra's team learned along the way which turn out to be essential if you want to be successful in online video.


  • Senior Editor, Digital, DW – Deutsche Welle, Germany