Sessions 22

Better quality and an optimized process bring financial benefits through improved customer satisfaction and high efficiency. Quality assurance program, condition monitoring of printing presses, etc., can help an organization achieve the same. The impact of these initiatives is deep-rooted and will prove helpful in managing assets and sustain profit margins.

How quality assurance program brought cost benefit to BCCL. A presentation.

Improve efficiency and extend service life of printing presses through condition monitoring project. A discussion on monetary and non-monetary benefits through the project.Practice-oriented training approach has enabled Sueddeutsche Zeitung to improve its level of operational efficiency. WAN-IFRA and Sueddeutsche Zeitung are now taking this approach to help media companies worldwide.


  • Ravi Saini, Deputy Chief Manager - Production, Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd, India
  • Rajiv Sen
    Deputy Chief Manager - Engineering, Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd, India
  • Managing Director, pme maurer GmbH, Germany
  • Josef Schiessl
    CEO, Suddeutscher Verlag Zeitungsdruck, Germany