Sessions 8

Future of News Media

Conference Stage in Hall C, Reed Messe, Wien

News media have a great future if they understand the requirements of technology for publishing in a multi-mediaplatform environment and the changing behaviour of readers and users. Examples from different countries will present how news companies are moving ahead.


Why Newspapers Should Enter the Book Business

The Correspondent is an online journalism platform that serves as an antidote to the daily news grind. In addition to this platform where our journalists create stories every day, we have now set up our own publishing house and speakers agency. Why? Because we see things going wrong at newspapers and magazines worldwide, and there’s a lot that media outlets can learn from the book business. Publisher Milou Klein Lankhorst will share the lessons learned so far.


Closing Keynote: Multimedia Transformations at Hürriyet

Gogus will present on Hürriyet’s challenges including fast migration to digital channels, strong competition in classified business from internet companies and need for an integrated perspective of digital and print journalism. With respect to the multimedia transformation currently under way at Hürriyet, Gogus will explain the several initiatives including but not limited to revamp their mobile channels, reinventing several other external channels for engagement and traffic, converged teams based on need and priorities, making video a seamless part of their journalism and product experience and touching lives of their readers not limited with news but in an extensive fashion. Inclusive digital journalism, design thinking and technological innovation sit at the heart of all of these activities.