Keep it Real: Truth and Trust in the Media

Keep it Real: Truth and Trust in the Media

19 Jun 2017
Singapore Management University (School of Law)


The rise of fake news has become a pressing danger ​to modern societies. This timely two-day event brings together policymakers, news industry players and other stakeholders to explore concrete initiatives designed to fight the spread of misinformation in Asia.

From deliberate hoaxes created to cause mischief or make money, to media outlets re-circulating unverified or erroneous content, the misinformation ecosystem can take ​on ​many different faces. Often​, ​people may not even know they are being exposed to ​questionable ​facts.

News media, in cooperation with tech companies, universities, foundations and civil society, can turn ​this challenge into an opportuni​ty​​ to improve their journalism practices in the social media era, strengthening their credibility and ​serving their communities better.
The event will feature practical fact-checking projects from Asia and around the world, discuss what internet companies, journalism schools, government agencies and independent organisations are doing to improve media literacy and provide our societies with reliable facts to help lay the foundations of a constructive public debate.


  • Minister for Home Affairs & Minister for Law
  • Founder, and fact-checker at Correctiv
  • Associate Professor, Coordinator of MSc (International Relations) Programme, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University
  • CNN Freelance News Anchor
  • Director Asia, WAN-IFRA
  • Political Editor, The Straits Times
  • Editor and Publisher, The Daily Star, Bangladesh
  • Associate Professor, Singapore Management University, School of Law
  • Assistant Archivist, National Archives Singapore
  • Director, CrowdTangle Asia Pacific
  • Senior Librarian, National Library
  • Social Media Editor, Agence France Presse (AFP)
  • Associate Opinion Editor, The Straits Times
  • Iain Martin
    Asia Editor, Storyful, Hong Kong
  • Strategic Partnerships, Facebook
  • Chairman of the Media Literacy Council
  • Managing Editor, News Strategy and Operations, Asia, Reuters
  • Foreign Editor, The Straits Times
  • CEO of InterVeritas Intl
  • Lecturer, Journalism & Media Studies Centre, Hong Kong University



  • 1

    Various faces of misinformation

  • 2

    Fact checking initiatives

  • 3

    Partnerships for improving the digital news ecosystem

  • 4

    Media literacy

  • 5

    Legal and regulatory framework

Keep it Real: Truth and Trust in the Media