Virtual Newsroom Summit 2021

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Virtual Newsroom Summit 2021

2021 will continue to be a year of further collaboration and joint learnings as publishers tackle all the same challenges around the world.


On 8 – 10 June, newsroom leaders around the world will meet to discuss how newsrooms have changed in the past months and their plans for 2021 in leading remotely while remaining agile.

How are publishers adding value for their readers to keep them on board and engaged during these challenging times?

Join us for inspiration and discussions! This year we will devote one day on CMS solutions.


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This year we will devote one day on CMS solutions.

On 8 June, we will hold expert discussions on what publishers need to keep in mind when planning for a new content management system in their organization.

An effective CMS solution must focus on maintaining an optimal relationship with your customers and used as a means to link your overall business goals.

Join us and learn from experts and solution providers on the steps you need to take when thinking of investing in a new CMS solution in your organization!

Virtual Newsroom Summit 2021