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Adrián López Ortiz

Adrián López Ortiz

Managing Director, Grupo Noroeste, Mexico

Adrián López Ortiz is has a BSc in Engineering and a Master in Humanistic Studies from Tec University in Monterrey. Where he was awarded the "National Recognition for Ethical Training" and currently teaches ethics and citizenship. He is author of "A country without Peace", "Essay of a provocation" and Culture in "Sinaloa: narratives about the social intricacies and the violence"; He has been a panelist for FUNDAR, CIDE and Article 19, and was also part of the serial "Radical Realism" of the Institute for the Economy and Peace of New York as a peacebuilder in Mexico, he has been columnist for Noroeste, Sin Embargo,  and Vanguardia and a regular contributor to national radio and television news. HE has a Master in Administration with special focus on Innovation and Creative Leadership by the Berlin School of Creative Leadership with a fellowship in Germany, United States, China and Japan. He is a frequent collaborator WAN-IFRA on issues regarding freedom of expression and digital journalism and has been invited by the universities of Columbia and Notre Dame to talk about journalism and peacebuilding in Mexico, he is currently General Director of Grupo Editorial Noroeste in Sinaloa since 2012.