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Anup Gupta

Anup Gupta

Managing Editor, Integration, Hindustan Times, India

Anup Gupta is the Managing Editor - Integration of HT Media Ltd. He has been in the media industry for the past 36 years, part of 11 newsrooms, participated in the launch / redesign / design of more than 20 print titles and digital products. He has been an integral part of four major tech transitions in the newsroom, spearheaded the integrated newsroom transformation of a mainline national English language daily, and have worked with more than two dozen very demanding editors. 

Anup has transited through initial hot metal type foundry days to the photo typeset years in the late eighties to the present digital world. He has worked with titles / companies  including India Today, The Economic Times, Business Today, Business Standard, Business World, Times of India and Quark. Since 2006 he has been working with HT Media Limited first to launch Mint, then with Dr Garcia design Hindustan Times and Hindustan and lead the journey of transforming the HT Newsroom into an integrated one as the project director.