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Concha Iglesias

Concha Iglesias

Managing Partner 'Media, Entertainment & Sports "Leader services" Strategic & Reputation Risk ", Deloitte, Spain

Partner of Deloitte Spain with more than 19 years of experience in the field of professional services. Since 2016, he has been a national leader in the "Media & Entertainment" and "Technology" sectors. Leading, additionally, the development of "Strategic & Reputation risk" services for all sectors of the Firm (Corporate Governance, Strategic Risk, Brand & Reputation Risk, Crisis Management, Sustainability, Risk Sensing). Her professional career is linked to Deloitte in its majority. Since she joined the firm in 2000 he has been part of the main processes of concentration, strategic redefinition and restructuring of leading companies of both industries, of the same way that I have led audits and exits to stock market, of companies listed in Spain and the USA. She is a member of different relevant committees in the Firm, such as "Business and Sectors", "Innovation", "Social Action", and "Alumni Program", which she has managed since 2016. She is involved with different social causes, collaborating with active way with Prodis, foundation whose main objective is the social integration of people with disabilities. He participates in several relevant sector publications, such as the 'White Book of the Daily Press', 'Television in Spain', and 'TMT Predictions', also contributing to articles of interest to the sector, "Football Money League".