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David Dinsmore

David Dinsmore

Chief Operating Officer, News UK

David Dinsmore became Chief Operating Officer in September 2015. He has a long history with News UK starting as a reporter at the age of 22 on The Scottish Sun in 1990, before rising through the ranks to become Editor of The Sun in June 2013. David has held a number of senior roles at Britain’s best-selling paper including Managing Editor where he helped to oversee the launch of the Sunday edition. Born and raised in Scotland, David began his national newspaper career on The Scottish Sun where he became Editor in 2006, taking circulation to a market-leading 400,000-plus. In 2010, David was made General Manager of News UK in Scotland and subsequently became Director of Operations for News UK. In addition to his work at News UK, in January 2018 David was appointed to chairman of the News Media Association (NMA), the industry body representing national, regional and local news media associations in the UK. David is married with two children.