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Deepit Purkayastha

Deepit Purkayastha

Co-Founder, Inshorts, India

Deepit Purkayastha is Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder of Inshorts, erstwhile, News in Shorts. In his capacity as Chief Strategy Officer, he is responsible for overseeing the business and strategic roadmap of the enterprise, inclined towards Product, Data, Strategy

Deepit is a Computer Science and Engineering graduate from IIT Kharagpur where he started building Inshorts in the
final year of IIT Kharagpur, Deepit teamed up with Azhar Iqubal and Anunay Arunav Pandey to build Inshorts, the pioneer of short form content in India.

He has also made it to Forbes Asia '30 Under 30'- Media, Marketing and Advertising list for 2018 and Forbes India '30 Under 30'’ list for 2016.