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Dr Sylvie Briand

Dr Sylvie Briand

Director of the Global Infectious Hazard Preparedness department (GIH), World Health Organisation

Dr Briand is the director of the Global Infectious Hazard Preparedness department (GIH) in charge of advancing global efforts to prevent and control existing and emerging infectious diseases such as COVID-19 but also other dangerous pathogens like pandemic influenza, plague, Nipah virus, coronaviruses, smallpox and other pox viruses, arboviruses (Zika, and Chikungunya) and disease X.  

Since 2001, Dr Briand has been actively involved in the detection, preparedness and response to global epidemic and pandemic diseases, leading the scientific and strategic component of the WHO response for avian and pandemic influenza, Ebola, Zika, Plague, yellow fever, cholera, MERS.

For COVID19, Dr Briand is also fostering the improvement of “infodemic management” through a global partnership including social media platforms and other UN agencies.