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Elite Truong

Elite Truong

Director of strategic initiatives, The Washington Post, USA

Elite Truong is the newly appointed director of strategic initiatives at the Washington Post. She heads their most cutting-edge digital experiments while serving as the newsroom’s liaison to the advertising department. She experiments with technology-driven editorial projects working with The Post’s journalism, technology and advertising teams.

Before joining The Post, Truong spent four years at Vox Media, three as the product manager for off-platform storytelling. She set product strategy and led the launch of nine editorial networks on new platforms including Apple News, AMP and AMP Stories, Facebook Instant Articles, live blogs and newsletters. She worked on revenue initiatives on emerging platforms and managed partnerships with Apple and Google. In 2017, Truong hosted and produced the Next Steps podcast for Poynter, where she interviewed journalists on their non-traditional career paths in and out of media. She wrote a column about media innovation for Poynter for two years. She served as a board member and education adviser for Online News Association and a career coach for the Digital Women Leaders program.