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Fernando Quijano Velasco

Fernando Quijano Velasco

Director, La República, Colombia

Doctor in Political Studies and Public Opinion, Director of the newspaper La República since 2009 and Radio commentator.

University professor and journalist specialized in economics, finance and business.

He has an extensive professional career: he worked at El País (Cali) El Tiempo and El Mundo, Madrid and for 10 years he was general editor of El Colombiano.

He studied journalism at the Autonomous University of the West; he or she specialized in economics at the University of La Sabana; Studied in the University of Navarra and in the Advanced Executive Program of the Northwestern University.

He is also a specialist in Senior Management at the University of Los Andes and author of the book "La Identidad y la Estructura del Diario Económico" (1996) and has written over three thousand editorials during his long career as a publishing house exec.