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Florian Wende

Florian Wende

Deputy Editorial Director, Freistunde – Straubinger Tagblatt, Germany

Florian Wende is passionate about creating new forms of journalism for young people. He is deputy editorial director of the editorial staff Freistunde at the media group Straubinger Tagblatt/Landshuter Zeitung. The team is releasing a weekly newspaper for young people. Florian is convinced that the stories, interviews and pictures work more intense bundled in a printed newspaper than on any display.
But of course social media is a big topic for him, too. The team picks the target group up where they are and brings them to the printed Freistunde. That’s why they deliver daily stories on Instagram. Anyway contact to the target group is important for Florian. Freistunde organizes many events for young people: discussions, poetry slams, editorial meetings with readers. All activities fix on the printed newspaper – the center of the brand Freistunde.
Freistunde has been awarded several times: European Newspaper Award (2017), Print Innovation Award (2018), Bavarian Print Price (2018).