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Ginna Morelo

Ginna Morelo

Data Unit Editor, El Tiempo, Colombia

Author of the books "Tierra de sangre, memoria de las víctimas," and "Córdoba, una tierra que suena." Co-author of three journalism handbooks about conflict and peace, memories, and environment coverage.

She was awarded the Premio Gabo in 2018 after her coverage on Venezuelan immigration; Preiodismo Ortega y Gasset in 2016 with a deep coverage of enforced disappearances in Colombia and Mexico; Premio Nacional de Periodismo Simón Bolívar (three times) with projects about white elephants, corruption in Córdoba, a Swedish citizen kidnapping in Alto Sinú, and land dispossesions in Córdoba and the Urabá area of Antioquia; and finally Premio Iberoamericano Sociedad para Todos with a compendium of children violence's stories.

Fellow at Fundación García Márquez (FNPI) and Instituto Prensa y Sociedad de América Latina (IPYS).