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Jörg Zägelein

Jörg Zägelein

Head of Quality Service, Verlag Nürnberger Presse Druckhaus Nürnberg

Zägelein Head of Quality Service at the Verlag Nürnberger Presse Druckhaus Nürnberg. Founded in 1945 Verlag Nürnberger Presse, Druckhaus Nürnberg publishes the Nürnberger Nachrichten (NN) and the Nürnberger Zeitung (NZ) newspapers which are known nationwide. Together with local titles (Erlanger Nachrichten, Fürther Nachrichten etc.) they have a daily circulation of over 260,000 copies. Online services, such as, also form a part of this prominent Bavarian media house’s portfolio. It also holds a stake in the private radio station Radio F.