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Jorge Fontevecchia

Jorge Fontevecchia

Chairman & CEO, Editorial Perfil, Argentina

Jorge Fontevecchia

Jorge Fontevecchia is one of Argentina’s most prominent news media publishers. He started his career launching small magazines in Paraguay and Uruguay in the 1970’s, before launching “La Semana”, the first magazine he published in Argentina and predecesor to his current company, Editorial Perfil. 

During Argentina’s military regime (1976-1983), La Semana’s circulation was banned 6 times, and it was shut down in 1982, before being reopened by the a Supreme Court order months later. He was kidnapped by the military regime and put in jail, but was finally freed after strong international pressure. He was later accused of being an English Spy shortly after the end of the Falklands War. He avoided prison by seeking asylum in the Venezuelan embassy and flying there in exile.

In 1988 he launched two news magazines in Brazil, Mía and Semanario and in 1989, La Semana became Noticias, the name it has today.

During the presidencies of Carlos Menem (1989-1999), his company suffered to bomb attacks (1992-1995) in its industrial plants, and the brutal killing of a Noticias photographer, José Luís Cabezas, in 1997. 

In 1994, he launched a new magazine in Brazil, Caras, and its success allowed him to launch in 1998 daily newspaper Perfil. The 2001 crisis forced him to shut down the newspaper and it was republished as a weekly in 2005 and continues until this day. 

Fontevecchia however keeps looking abroad for business. Editorial Perfil publishes magazines in China and Portugal and through licences, in Angola and Russia. He was secretary at the Binational Chamber of Commerce between Argentina and Russia, from 2003 to 2006, but he quit in protest to the killing of Russian journalist Anna Politovskaia.