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Lassi Kurkijärvi

Lassi Kurkijärvi

Vice President at Solita; Digital Transformation Leader, Helsinki

Before joining Solita in January 2016, Lassi Kurkijärvi founded Tidal Move. Tidal Move helps corporate leaders & innovators and ambitious startup founders make the right move and catch the next wave. Working together with other boutique innovation companies such as MakerStreet and Academy for Corporate Intrapreneurship, Tidal Move has created new businesses and innovation processes for a broad spectrum of clients in The Netherlands, UK, Germany and Finland, including leading media companies, banks, pharmaceuticals, an insurance company, an airline, a charity and a car manufacturer.

During two years on the board Lassi shaped H-Town's entry to digital commerce (PelaajaShop and AnimeShop) and a new target segment (kids & parents with Sankari magazine, which has been the best selling newsagent product of H-Town).

At the SanomaLab, Lassi was responsible for putting innovation into everyone's job title at Sanoma. He led Sanoma Digital's SanomaLab, based in Amsterdam and Helsinki, tasked to create new business lines for Sanoma using intrapreneurship and lean innovation as its main tools. In addition to launching new internal ventures, the SanomaLab educated over a thousand Sanoma employees in new ways of business development through the Sanoma Accelerator programs Lassi established in his previous role, and shorter formats such as Trickster Days. As a member of Sanoma Digital's management team he also contributed to driving Sanoma's broader transformation.