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Marcelo Rizzi

Marcelo Rizzi

Chief Technology Officer, La Voz del Interior, Argentina

He currently serves as CTO of CIMECO S.A. , holding company of Grupo Clarin, controller of La Voz del Interior S.A. of Córdoba, Los Andes de Mendoza, CMI (Marketer of Media of the Interior), CMD (Company of Digital Media) and QB9Entertainment (Video Games) all of Buenos Aires.

Previously in La Voz del Interior he worked as Operations Manager for 25 years, where he was responsible for the areas of Systems, Technology and Communications, Production, Printing, Logistics / Warehouses and Expedition.

He studied PhD candidacy in Computer Engineering at the University of Calgary, and holds a Master in Knowledge Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, a Master in Software Engineering at the ITBA (Technological Institute of Buenos Aires), and an Electronic Engineer Degree from the Catholic University of Cordoba .