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Norma Chu

Norma Chu

Founder & CEO of DayDayCook and President of Greater Bay Young Entrepreneurship Association

Norma Chu

Norma Chu was born and raised in Hong Kong. Prior to DayDayCook, Norma was the head of equities research at HSBC Private Bank. Norma started DayDayCook in 2012 where she turned her passion for cooking into the business. In 2015, Norma brought DayDayCook to Shanghai and entered the China market.

Norma designed DayDayCook to satisfy today’s young female millennial who need for a better lifestyle and has been providing a 360-degree lifestyle experience to them. Company has three major business lines including DDCTV content, E-commerce platform and offline experience centers to form a panoramic and comprehensive brand ecosystem. DayDayCook now is the largest cooking and lifestyle content platform with 80 million active viewers, and has 6 experience centers nationwide.

Norma has raised over USD65M in venture funding for DayDayCook from investors including Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneur Fund, K11 Investments, Ironfire Captital, and 500startup.

With the achievement acquired, Norma was named as China New Media Top 100 people in 2016 and CY Zone’s 2017 Most Notable Female Entrepreneurs, and was featured in Apple Store’s Cover Story in November 2018.