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Rifa Nadia Nurfuadah

Rifa Nadia Nurfuadah

Digital Strategist,, Indonesia

Rifa Nadia Nurfuadah

Research has always been a passion for Rifa Nadia Nurfuadah. She joined as Digital Strategist in 2018. With alinea's razor-sharp strategists, researchers and analytics teams, Rifa is responsible for developing a digital strategy based on data insights. She also helps cross-functional teams grow and evolve ideas to bring together effective campaigns for various government organizations or brands.

Before her current position, Rifa was a journalist for MNC Group from 2010-2018. She built the education desk and managed the news section while juggling other roles such as that of a communication consultant in several ministries and guest lecturer/trainer of journalism in many respected universities. Rifa lives in central Jakarta with her husband and a daughter.