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Sampsa Fabritius

Sampsa Fabritius

CEO and Founder,

Sampsa Fabritius is a pragmatic utopist. As an entrepreneur he is motivated by seriously ambitious goals to build a better world. Industrial disruption can be nice, noble and good when it genuinely creates more opportunities than it destroys. Kieku is Sampsa’s first love as a disruptive but socially meaningful idea. Kieku is focusing on building an AI powered open feed for everyone to share their voice. It is a direct personal media for connecting publishers and listeners together.

For the past 10 years Sampsa’s focus has been on mastering the intersection of design, business, and technology. Previously, Sampsa has worked at Nokia in varying technology and leadership roles for 16 years.There he was able to learn and further develop user-centric concepting and prototyping.

The term “Podcast” probably brings a hint of nostalgia to many of us. It feels like it was ages ago when Apple released it’s first iPod — being realistic, if you think of “Podcasts” probably iTunes is what some years ago would have come to your mind. However, Podcasting as a source and medium for communication dates way before the iPod and ITunes came to the picture. Nowadays, technology has gone far and many of us have already scratched out our old school radios, Mp3 players, and instead we do it all in our mobile phones. Did you ever think of a mix between Podcasting + Artificial Intelligence and how would that work in practice? Then let us introduce you to Kieku and Sampsa Fabritius