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Sheela Bhatt

Sheela Bhatt

Editor, NewsX channel

I am working for NewsX channel where I am anchoring a weekly show NO HOLDS BARRED. In 1979, four decades back, i started my career in Gujarati journalism, became one of youngest editors at 27 in 1986. Have won Chameli devi Jain award for successfully editing and publishing Abhiyan, Gujarati political weekly. I have worked for 20 years in print media. 4 years in television media and 16 years as online journalist. Have taken tv production training at BskyB in London. As senior editor in i have covered Gujarat riots of 2002, diplomacy, politics and strategic affairs, extensively. Before joining newsX, i was political editor of the Indian Express. I have written 18 parts series on 'Deshionu America' after interviewing people of Indian origins in America.