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Stéphane Mayoux

Stéphane Mayoux

Coach, Table Stakes Europe, France

Stéphane Mayoux went into print and then BBC broadcast journalism after a pan-European MBA that took him from France, to the UK and Germany. He has spent more than half his life abroad, including post-apartheid South Africa and likes to call himself a serial foreigner. He puts warmth, authenticity and performance at the centre of his coaching work. He enjoys looking at events and the world from as many perspectives as possible and very much welcomes coaching clients from diverse frames of reference. In June 2018, he qualified as a psychotherapeutic counsellor and he is now writing his dissertation to become an accredited psychotherapist. Stephane believes his practice informs and enriches his executive coaching work.

Three years ago, Stéphane joined BBC News Digital Pilots. The team created a digital transformation programme to support BBC journalists to deliver their stories to new and wider audiences, mainly - but not only - on digital platforms. The team worked with over 400 journalists, delivering 12 Digital Pilots. His coaching stance has been central to his work. Previously, he was Editor of BBC Africa TV, in charge of Focus on Africa on BBC World News. He has worked with the BBC since the mid-1990s, mainly in live radio and television news. He has managed the launch of new programmes and developed new platforms. He has recruited and nurtured talent in the UK and overseas as well as built and managed multi-cultural teams through change. Stéphane has also devised and delivered training programmes in London, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.