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Thanavalai Vacharaphol

Thanavalai Vacharaphol

COO, Thairath

Thanavalai Vacharaphol is the COO of Thairath Online, a digital arm of Thairath Group, a leading media company in Thailand which also consist of newspaper and TV channel. Her role is in leading Content, Product and Technology teams to deliver the best content and best experience to Thai audiences. Other than leading the news editorial team, she initiated two new brands under Thairath Online to create a community for women and youth culture, under the brand MIRROR and PEEPZ. Bringing the idea of data journalism and data visualization to Thairath Online, she aims to enrich the audience’s experience through innovative storytelling. 

Her other important role is to drive the tech team to incorporate new technology for publishers such as IA, ML, NLP to improve the efficiency of the company and ensure the best experience for the audiences. Her vision is to bring Thairath Online to be a technology-driven media company. She is eager to make sure Thairath’s brand name remains the number one media player in the country on all platforms.

Previously, she was involved in content acquisition and development for Thairath TV.